Oct 18, 2018

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Welcome to WillysPoints - a record of my saga with a growing collection of Jeeps.

I don't have a ton of time, between work, a pair of young sons and a marriage I wish to maintain -- but I really do enjoy working on them a bit at a time.

At the current rate, I should be done before any of the Jeeps double in age, but not much earlier.

This site is a work in progress. I've just switched to a Wiki backend (and a new server) which should make thing easier to update and maintain. I'll be adding things as quickly as life allows...

A quick note!

We're now a native IPv6 enabled site! Our AAAA record (2001:5d8:10::10) is in place and working, serving up my Jeep projects for the next generation of the Internet!

Am I, perhaps, the first IPv6 Willys site on the Internet? Hmmmmm....

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